Support for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs

PlanLevelYearSemesterCurricular UnitECTS
1095CTSP1WinterCommunication Techniques3
1095CTSP1WinterDevelopment and Language Disorders8
1095CTSP1WinterDifferent Ways to Communicate4
1095CTSP1WinterForeign Language - English3
1095CTSP1WinterGeneral Psychology and Development8
1095CTSP1WinterPublic Health and Epidemiology4
1095CTSP1SpringActivities and Different Artistic and Physical Expressions6
1095CTSP1SpringChildren and Adolescents at Risk3
1095CTSP1SpringGroup Dynamics and Conflict Management4
1095CTSP1SpringPromotion of Health and Well-being in Children and Adolescents4
1095CTSP1SpringPsychomotor Development and its Disorders5
1095CTSP1SpringSpecial Education8
1095CTSP2WinterActivities Adapted for Children with Special Needs6
1095CTSP2WinterDevelopmental Changes and Special Needs in Children and Adolescents3
1095CTSP2WinterEarly Intervention4
1095CTSP2WinterEducation and Health Basic Gestures3
1095CTSP2WinterHealth Care for People with Special Needs3
1095CTSP2WinterNourishment and Nutrition4
1095CTSP2WinterPromotion of Literacy in Children and Adolescents with Special Needs4