Curricular Unit:Code:
Methodology of the Master Dissertation833MTDS
2MasterComputer Systems Engineering (Information Systems and Multimedia)3 ects
Learning Period:Language of Instruction:Total Hours:
Winter SemesterPortuguese/English39
Learning Outcomes of the Curricular Unit:
At the end of the course the students should be able to:
- identify and define dissertation subjects
- define a dissertation project proposal
- understand scientific validity criteria
- identify constraints
- organize the writing of the dissertation
- organize bibliography
- organize and manage systematically information
1. General introduction to the MSc thesis
2. Plan of a thesis
3. Bibliography and information search
4. Writing the proposal
Demonstration of the Syllabus Coherence with the Curricular Unit's Objectives:
The syllabus addresses the objectives of the course, covering the materials necessary for the students to acquire the competencies. As students will be normally working for their dissertation, it is essential they have the required project organization and management skills.
Teaching Methodologies (Including Evaluation):
The methodology of teaching and learning is expository, and demonstrative. The assessment includes:
• Submission of the proposed assignments (50%)
• Oral presentation of the dissertation project (50%)
Demonstration of the Coherence between the Teaching Methodologies and the Learning Outcomes:
The proposed methodologies are consistent with the objectives set for the course since they rely on the capacity to define and organize a dissertation project. Students acquire the necessary skills doing ssignments and analysis of practical cases.
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[2] Kenneth Bordens, Bruce Abbott (2013). Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach, 9th Edition, McGraw-Hill.