Curricular Unit:Code:
Project and Professionalizing Clinical Practice II161PRE2
4UndergraduatePhysiotherapy30 ects
Learning Period:Language of Instruction:Total Hours:
Winter SemesterPortuguese390
Learning Outcomes of the Curricular Unit:
We aim with this course that the student knows how to do an investigation project about physical therapy subject, or intervention project, or review project , the knowledge of statistical analyse (SPSS), and apply the investigation project according UFP rules.
The objective of internship is that the student is able to identify and execute the different techniques refer in the different contents in an adequate manner concern to specific clinic cases, to know the indications and counter-indications and to integrate the formulate knowledge in an adequate clinical reasoning. The student should be able to identify and execute the different techniques, know the indications and contraindications, as well as integrate the knowledge formulating an appropriate clinical reasoning.
1 – Execution of final Project of graduation, Select and define an investigation problem; Select the best references. Formulate the study aim and hypotheses; Data analyses and interpretation; Contents of scientific paper; and public defence of graduation project 2-Internship; Understand dynamic and functional of institution; Do therapeutic relationships; Do global cares; Do programme planning, patient re-examination and modification of plane of care; The student is able to identify and execute the different techniques refer in the different contents in an adequate manner concern to specific clinic case; Apply different methodology in practical of according in different institutions; demonstrated in writing the ability to collected objective data; Understand the relationship of team health; Demonstrate the ability to apply therapeutic modalities learned in academic programme; Integrate the ethical and deontological knowledge applied to the profession, and cares in clinical contest.
Demonstration of the Syllabus Coherence with the Curricular Unit's Objectives:
Theoretical-practical: By transmitting knowledge and encouraging discussion in the following subjects are going to be approached the methodologies of scientific investigation, the rules of an investigation project, and methodologies of inferential analyses of data, for the development of the capacity to elaborate the final graduation project
Internship: The practical demonstration of the various techniques of assessment, selection and implementation of procedures of clinical practice is for the student acquires a fundament clinical reasoning in order to be able to accurately select and execute the different techniques related to the subjects approached, in each clinical case. The student must be able to identify the indications and counter-indications of the selected techniques.
Teaching Methodologies (Including Evaluation):
Theoretical-practical: the issues addressed will be transmitted expository and / or in the form of discussion of themes format within groups of students with a final overall analysis for all students. These classes are aimed at the acquisition by students of theoretical and practical knowledge to support the methods of investigation of physiotherapy. The evaluation will be done by a written test and the public presentation of graduation project.
Internship: Includes supervised clinical practice where students will apply the techniques of physiotherapy assessment and treatment learned, in actual clinical cases and in different contexts. The evaluation will include the practical performance of the student and the drafting of a final report of internship with the deep analysis of one of the case studies.
The student will be evaluated continuously in teorical lession (20%), clinical practice (40%) and oral and write presentation of a “paper” (40%).
Demonstration of the Coherence between the Teaching Methodologies and the Learning Outcomes:
Theoretical-practical: The different themes and presentation of case studies in the classroom will be transmitted in an expository and /or discussion format in order to allow the acquisition by the student of theoretical and practical knowledge of methods of investigation of physiotherapy oriented and of tutorial format. Internship: Through supervised clinical experience the students will apply the assessment and treatment techniques of physiotherapy learned, in actual clinical cases and in different contexts, formulating an appropriate clinical reasoning in order to assess and treat patients in real clinical situations in a much more autonomous way.
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Adérito Seixas (
Ana Vasco (
Clarinda Festas (
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