Curricular Unit:Code:
Judicial and Police Organization and Intervention Models817OJPM
1MasterCriminology6 ects
Learning Period:Language of Instruction:Total Hours:
Spring SemesterPortuguese/English78
Learning Outcomes of the Curricular Unit:
Deepen knowledge about the Portuguese Judiciary and Police organization.
Identify judicial control devices - functions and powers.
Police models - perception of the forms, functions and objectives of policing.
The student should be able to recognize the contributions of the criminologist in the judicial context.
Concept of judicial organization. The courts. the Public Ministry. Main judicial operators. Judicial division. Police concept and modalities. Criminal police bodies of general and specific competence.
Demonstration of the Syllabus Coherence with the Curricular Unit's Objectives:
Analysis and discussion of practical cases. Interpellation in class. Critical analysis of models.
Teaching Methodologies (Including Evaluation):
Theoretical classes, with active participation of students in the debate and understanding of the contents.
Active participation of students in the presentation and reflection of the themes, through the elaboration of a theoretical-practical work.
Demonstration of the Coherence between the Teaching Methodologies and the Learning Outcomes:
Recognize the contributions of criminology in the organisms studied, especially in terms of the functions that the criminologist can perform in these contexts.
Constituição da República Portuguesa. Estatuto dos magistrados judiciais e do MP. Leis orgânicas dos organismos judiciários.