Curricular Unit:Code:
Television Laboratory1111LTEL
2UndergraduateCommunication Sciences6 ects
Learning Period:Language of Instruction:Total Hours:
Winter SemesterPortuguese/English78
Learning Outcomes of the Curricular Unit:
Master the essential skills of working on TV, capturing images and sounds.
Learn image and sound editing techniques.
Understand the mechanisms of planning and production of television parts.
Learn to communicate with video cameras, using verbal and non-verbal language.
Practice ways of producing television plays, in a promotional, entertainment and TV journalistic environment.
Learn video production and post production techniques.
Techniques for capturing images and sounds for video and TV; Presence techniques before the camera; Image and sound editing procedures; Television production and post production techniques.
Demonstration of the Syllabus Coherence with the Curricular Unit's Objectives:
The production of media content in the television area allows the student to obtain skills on the subject as well as learning techniques of production and post-production of video.
Teaching Methodologies (Including Evaluation):
Presentation of practical work, framed in theoretical reflection. Continuous assessment, with the following moments: capturing images and sounds (20%); presence before the camera (20%); theoretical work (15%); final video work (45%).
Demonstration of the Coherence between the Teaching Methodologies and the Learning Outcomes:
The production of media contents in this area allows the student a theoretical reflection on the subject as well as the learning of techniques of production and post-production of video.
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Lecturer (* Responsible):
Ricardo Pinto (
Rui Martins (