Curricular Unit:Code:
Anatomophysiology II1025AMO2
1UndergraduatePhysiotherapy5 ects
Learning Period:Language of Instruction:Total Hours:
Spring SemesterPortuguese/English65
Learning Outcomes of the Curricular Unit:
Know the musculoskeletal system and major organic systems.
Anatomical Terminology.
Musculoskeletal system: shoulder and axilla; arm; forearm; hand
Vascularization and enervation of the upper limb
Musculoskeletal system: gluteal and thigh region; leg; foot
Vascularization and enervation of the lower limb
Cardiovascular system
Lymphatic system
Respiratory system
Digestive System
Genito-urinary system
General anatomy of the central nervous system
Cranial nerves and special sensitivities
Physiology of the nervous system: main neuroanatomic pathways
Demonstration of the Syllabus Coherence with the Curricular Unit's Objectives:
Program content in accordance with the objectives
Teaching Methodologies (Including Evaluation):
Theoretical classes and practical classes
Theoretical and practical assessment in two moments each.
Minimum mark of 10 values ??in each component.
Final grade weight: 60% theoretical and 40% practical.
Demonstration of the Coherence between the Teaching Methodologies and the Learning Outcomes:
Acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge
Moore; Anatomia Orientada para a Clínica. Guanabara Koogan.
Seeley; Anatomy and Physiology. McGraw-Hill.
Sobotta; Atlas de Anatomia Humana.
Netter; Atlas de Anatomia Humana.
Lecturer (* Responsible):
Rogério Pereira (
Sofia Rocha (